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How about this dunk right here? You know I’m running something crazy when my own players are posterizing each other. Look out for the Thunder and Kevin Durant MVP?

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NBA 2K12 Rookies

Which rookies are the best in NBA 2K12? Each year they come into the game rated extremely low, usually at best high 70′s for some of the top picks. In what was widely regarded as a weak draft class, some of these rookies are beastly in the game. Here is my list of the best game changing rookies in NBA 2K12. Most of them are on bad teams so it’s tough to get a chance to use them when playing online against the top teams everyone is running with (Heat, Thunder, and Lakers) But keep an eye out for some of these players when your in a draft.

Kyrie Irving is the best rookie player in NBA 2K12. He has it all quickness, good awareness, and legit steals which is important for an NBA 2K12 PG to have. His mid range game is deadly – that fadeaway animation he gets is the quickest release in the game so you don’t need much separation to get it off.

Kemba Walker is also a top PG in the game because of his offensive skills and speed. He is a beast in pick and roll/pop situation becuase you can get inside the paint and have the option to create your own shot, kick it out to an open shooter if the defense collapses, or throw up an alley-oop to the roller cutting to the basket off the pick.

Jan Vesely is a big time sleeper player in NBA 2K12 not just a top rookie. He is big, fast, and athletic which makes him solid on defense, on the fast break, and don’t sleep on his mid range shot.

Ricky Rubio is considered a rookie because this is his first year playing in the NBA and has been getting huge roster updates from the NBA 2K insider becuase of how well he has been playing. This dude can do it all offensively and defensively. His only issue is he is a little on the slow side, I like my 2K PG’s always to have good speed.

Check out this top 5 NBA 2K12 Rookie plays video featuring Kyrie and Kemba:

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NBA 2K12 Spin Dunk Tutorial

The spin dunk has been in the game since release but after the latest patch dropped it has become more effective. This video will teach you how to master the spin dunk with athletic quick players. The best spin dunkers in the game are not only athletic but also have lots of speed. The best players at the spin dunk would be dudes like: LeBron, Wade, Iggy, DeRozan, and Gay just to name a few.

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Elton “Air” Brand

Come on Jordan, I mean BRAND… this is some mad craziness right here.. 35 years old with cashed knees and 2K has got Elton Brand doing this!!! LOL damn that hidden 99 vertical.

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Play Calling

I get a lot of people asking me how the heck do you call and run plays in the game? It has changed from last year but they are still easy to setup and you can use any play from any playbook online or offline. To select a specific play here is what you do.

1 – Go to the coaching/playbooks menu and edit offense.
2 – replace a play with any play you want to check out from any teams playbook.
3 – Assign the play type as priority 1 to the player you want to run the play for.
4 – During the game hit LB + the players icon and call the play.

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NBA 2K12 Tutorial Videos

This move is nice with Kobe or anyone that has his same isomotion spin animation. It’s that quick one you get, you’ll see it in the video. This will probably work best with the Black Mamba though becuase of how nice he is in the game with that speed and quickness, 99 offensive awareness, and the ability to hit shots in traffic. While dribbling towards the basket directly – isomotion spin into a spin jumper by rotating the shot stick.

Looking to play better defense? Well the 1-3-1 trap zone is a very popular tactic this year because of how important and effective traps, steals, and deflections are. Check out the tutorial below.

A lot of people have been asking me how to do Kareem’s legendary sky hook shot. Well there are a few ways to do it from out of the post and from off the dribble. You can get the animation from real deep also and still maintain high shot quality.

Looking for even more killer strategies to dominate online? Check out the Area 51 section on our forums:

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NBA 2K12 Top Plays

Check out this weeks top plays from the NBA 2K12 demo featuring the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat.

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NBA 2K12 Ally-Oop Dunk Highlights

The NBA 2K12 Demo is out now for both 360 and PS3 ballers. Check out some of our demo impressions and post your thoughts on the demo here:

Check out this ally-oop dunk highlights video made from the demo. There are some pretty cool new animations but many of the same animations from last years game.

Also check out Dirk Nowitzki Demo highlights showing some of his signature moves like the one leg fadeaway, post moves, and more.

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NBA 2K12 Demo News & More!

With just a few weeks left before the launch of NBA 2K12 there has been tons of news and information coming out about the game. That includes a full quarter gameplay video featuring the Celtics and Clippers in full HD: And here are a few other things you might find interesting.

How will defense be in NBA 2K12?
Whats play calling going to be like?
Greatest team ever? Contest with Michael Jordan:
Demo release set for 9/20:

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