NBA 2K12 Cover?

Derrick Rose seems like the perfect choice to land on the cover of NBA 2K12. He is having a break out season leading the Bulls in the right direction since they lost Michal Jordan who obviously was on the cover of this years game. Rose also seems to be highly involved with 2ksports during the development of the games and marketing side of it such as those goofy commercials you see him in haha.. “Leave Cleveland Alone” So Rose is my prediction to be the NBA 2K12 cover athlete. If not him who? It’s pretty hard to replace a legend once again… Oh yeah i forgot about Amare. He is another player that is having a career year, MVP candidate also, and leading the Knicks into the playoffs for the first time in ages.

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  1. Jerry says:

    When Melo gets traded to NYC i hope they get amare and melo both on the cover like what madden has done in the past. A dual cover or maybe a big 3 cover if the heat win the nba title this year which is going to happen just watch!

  2. TimBuckTu says:

    If D-Rose Is Choose This Should Be The Main Song

    Derrick Rose Is The MVP

  3. TorukMakto says:

    it is really going to be DRose, with the current standing of the Bulls and the soon to be MVP of the Year, it should definitely be him.. cheers! :)

  4. Dcoleman says:

    D-rose Str8 up he’s been going off this year for his really break-out season but if not him then Amare

  5. randall says:

    i think it should be larry bird @ magic

  6. jose says:

    it should be laker legends in the cover like magic johnson or kareem abudual jammer and lakers are going for the 3 peat

  7. marquez says:

    How bout drose and lebron since dey both a dog

  8. brian says:

    I think they should put carmelo anthony.He is a beast!!!!:)

  9. Jeff Johnson says:

    They Should Put The Second Best 3pt Shooter..Reggie Miller

  10. andy says:

    it should be the mvp… D rose

  11. lance says:

    it shuld be KD Drose or monta ellis

  12. Mike Alvarez says:

    I Think D-Rose Deserves it right now, if not him then maybe,just maybe lebron

  13. Trent says:

    i think it should either be Rondo, Miami’s Big Three, or D-Rose

  14. TimBuckTu says:

    If D-Rose Is Choosen This Should Be The Main Song

    Derrick Rose Is The MVP

  15. Eric Gonzales says:

    I think it should be Rose or better yet Durant.. I mean look on the impact they have made in the NBA and their respectful teams… Well deserving if you ask me!!!!

  16. jimmy j says:

    Blake Griffin, D-Rose, or Dream Team or Redeem Team, and the 50 greatest. or jordan again with d-rose

  17. Jaden says:

    derrick rose is definitely on 2k12!

  18. artwafo says:

    if D-rose is the new cover of 2k12 is so nice beacause rose is the new legend young

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    If you have to do it, you might as well do it right

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  21. alex says:

    i’m a die hard LBJ fan but he can’t be a cover of any game. since he got so many haters, that would affect the marketability of the game

    • Guest says:

      That is so true! Thats all that was ringing in my head the whole time. Cant have D-Rose because that is having 2 Bulls on the cover back-to-back years. It will most likely be Griffin. So many people love him, he is humble, a complete beast, young and on a team NOBODY cares about.

  22. Chris says:

    I say have either Derrick Rose or LeBron James added to the cover of NBA 2k12!

  23. ish says:

    i think it should be a different cover. MIAMI BIG THREE! w/ 3 different covers, each features either dwade, lbj, or bosh in the middle with the other two on either side of him

    • Joe says:

      That sounds really neat and i don’t think with the heat. Go with the legends. And idk bout yall but i would love to see shaq on the cover (laker or magic years) to honor him.

  24. elijah says:

    lerbron should the mvp or D-rose or d wayde

  25. elijah says:

    i think the bg 3 of the heat should the cover

  26. hornetsfancrispaul says:

    Cris Paul is going to be on the cover and be the MVP

  27. hornetsfancrispaul says:

    cris paul will be the MVP

  28. HahaGuy says:

    it should be Magic Johnson! I mean, last year it was Jordan, so the closest thing would be Johnson

  29. abcd says:

    Everyone is just saying Derrick Rose because Derrick’s team had the best record and his stats. However, LeBron had splendid stats too as a player back in Cleveland, 66-16 record two years ago, AND a 62-20 record the year after (last year). So I don’t see why LeBron still hasn’t been on a cover. I’m not saying Derrick Rose shouldn’t, but I think LeBron would be a better choice this year.

  30. Davion says:

    i think derrick rose

  31. Anthony24 says:

    It should be the two greatest kobe and jordan.

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  33. Young Naylor says:

    I think It Should Be the Big 3, D- Rose, Or The starting 5 Of The Team That Wins The Championship….

  34. jordan says:

    i think wade and the big 3 should be on the cover

  35. Devin says:

    cover got to be Lebron or Blake maybe Rose

  36. Devin says:

    I can see the maimi big three

  37. Devin says:

    Lebron in the middle too

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  39. Alex says:

    Wat about Blake Griffin. This man was a dunking human highlight reel

  40. Chitown's Finest says:

    There’s no reason for D. Rose not to be on the cover. For one, he took his team to get 19 more wins from the last season. Two, he is the youngest MVP in league history. Eat that shit.

  41. Elias Tilleskjor says:

    kevin love

  42. Vova says:

    It should be Boston Celtics, Rajon Rondo, or Ray Allen, or Paul Peirce, or KG. Lol

  43. rusell says:

    everybody nows its going to be miami big three but really yall really think blake is going to be on the cover from one dunk

  44. russell says:

    Drose is going to be MVP

  45. RAFAEL BAnez says:

    i really think its D-Rose =]

  46. DeAndre Downey says:

    D rose should be on the cover he is the mvp of the league, he has led his team to the playoffs and taken the bulls farther than they’ve ever been since Michael Jordan was on the team.

  47. Stephonta Moore says:

    hands down Derrick Rose! this nigga is a monster & the best in the league!

  48. tony says:

    justen beber will git the cover

  49. FrankTheTank says:

    For those who say Rose cuz he’s mvp should be shot. LeBron won 2 straight MVPs and didnt get a cover. How about Dirk Nowitzki. He won an MVP trophy too. Also Steve Nash, he won 2 MVPs. All 3 I mentioned deserve a cover more than Derrick Rose. Maybe they can do what NBA 09 The Inside did and have a couple of players.

  50. Lj says:

    If Mavs win the finals Nowitzki should be on the cover…. but if Miami wins it the BIG THREE should be on it you motherfucking ugly hoes …..

  51. jAMAR ANDERSON says:


  52. Wilfred says:

    The Big Trio with Nba champions trofhy in the middle and big trio in outside of trofhy

  53. randy says:

    it should be lebron james

  54. knicksfan says:

    amar’e. we haven’t had a knick on the cover since…………….. forever. D – rose definately deserves it but i doubt they’ll but chicago 2 yrs in a row. also im a die hard knicks fan.

  55. legit nba fan says:

    it should be dwight howard
    derrick rose
    or kevin durant

  56. CertainSpecific says:

    It should be Dirk Nowitzki, he is having a great year. Not only himself, but the whole Mavericks team have faced opposition this entire year, and went unnoticed. They have made it all the way to the finals with the help the the big german. Dirk may be the MVP of this years Finals, that’s why he should be on the cover.

  57. Denis says:

    If miami win the finals i think it should be LEBRON JAMES

    • 12345! says:

      nooo lebron hes helped miami but its mainly dwayne wade whos been shooting i mean he only got 8 pts in game 4 against dallas.

  58. NBA fan says:

    Nobody has said Joe Johnson, I mean he is the most underated superstar in the nba with multiple all-stars and also lead the Hawks to the playoffs 2 years in a row.

  59. kiko says:

    it have to be king james

  60. the hater says:

    men they have to put the finals MVP Lebron because he is gona win the Larry O Brian trophy

  61. Jamez Demerritt says:

    LeBRON JAMES I think should be on cover

  62. Baller says:

    it must be shaq

  63. aj feela says:

    lil wayne or eminem

  64. sean cookson says:

    i think it should be KD derrick rose or steve nash something like that no one wants lebron james on it

  65. Yuseff says:

    D-Rose is on the cover. the game is based around him

  66. coen32 says:

    lets look apon th epast what about magic johnson or larry bird or y not even shaqulle oneal.

  67. Devonte says:

    I think Lebron should be on thecover how can u be that good in never been on a cover

  68. sam says:

    you shouldn’t have a cover you’re first great year. LeBron has been outstanding for 8 years and he doesn’t have one so shut up about Derrick Rose.

    • Tim says:

      He isn’t liked as much anymore. I used to be a huge LBJ fan until he joined the heat (before he knocked my bulls out of the playoffs)

  69. Ryan says:

    I think it should b Rajon Rondo

  70. Trey says:

    I think the Miami Heat Big Three should be on there or just Lebron James and DWade…. Plz thank of that choice!!!!!

  71. Tim says:

    DRose. He’s a humble fan-pleaser. He won the MVP and led the bulls to the conference finals. He does have haters because he DID win the MVP, but the big 3 as a group and all but wade individually have more haters. Lebron quickly jumped into the most hated person in sports spot when he signed with that team, so to put him on the cover would be a risk to the games marketability. Derrick rose is well liked enough by everyone to earn the cover.

  72. Tyendsley says:

    I thInk DIRK should be on the cover hands down

  73. MonkeyGuy 037 says:

    it won’t derrick rose because he was on 2k10 draft combine, but who knows allen iverson was on the cover 3 times in a row, bu d.rose deserve it though.

  74. Matt says:

    How about Nowitzki?… since he’s the champ i guess… like 2ksports did with the 1st two previous games(NBA 2k9 & 2k10)

  75. Rob says:

    Dirk Nowitzki better be on the cover or i’m going to be really really pissed off.

  76. nick says:

    dirk he is finals mvp or d.wade cause he is beast

  77. coen32 says:

    let dirk have a shot championship mvp ya buddy

  78. AJ Pineda says:

    Dirk nowitski, becuase he might not have one the season MVP but i got the the better mvp the finals mvp. derrick rose got the mvp but where did he fall….he lost. the cover needs to be like a vetrains cover…jason kidd,jason terry,dirk nowitski. Who ever suggests diffrent players of another team besides the mavericks…just remeber where your team landed up. not in the celebration of the finals winners. pick the mavericks, they are on the top of the world and i wouldnt doubt it if they winn it again.

  79. lebron james shit says:

    it has to be blake griffin or kevin love or dwight howard

  80. lebron james shit says:

    all i know is that miami lost to mavs and dirk is better than wade,bosh,and james so miami will never win a champion chip and bulls and raptors will win the next 5 2bulls, and 3 raptors.

  81. I’m from Germany and we all can be very proud of Dirk Nowotzki. A German is really a superstar inside the inimitable basketball league across the globe. Everyone is delighted how the Us citizens celebrate “all of our” Dirk. This is probably significantly less recognized in the usa.

  82. Dnice718 says:

    Fuck Rose he aint do shit for his team in the heat series you call that mvp lol watch old skool highlights and look up what mvps should score. The nba lowered there standards hard body. To much ass kissing and dick riding going on. Mvps should score nomatter whos on them. Yall really think the bulls gonna make it anywhere next year? Yea right!!!!

    Everybody stop dick riding and leave that to the hoes.

  83. Dnice718 says:

    Dirk didnt even do anything in the first half of game 6 .but complain about being sick. I give more props to j terry for holding it down if he didnt score what he did they wouldnt of had no chance. They need to give dirk angel soft endorsement for that runny nose he was complain about all came long. I didnt hear jordan complain when he scored 38 points with the flu and win the game. Lol The nba standards are so low now a days. I didnt really care for any of the teams in the finals. Im happy lafraud james didnt get a ring tho.My team is the KNICKS.

    • Rob says:

      dirk’s team won the championship thanks in part to his 2 game winning shots in the finals, and your team got swept in the first round. u mad?

  84. Daniel says:

    @Dnice718 you are the most stupidest person ever Dirk wasnt even complaining! It was the people that made a big deal about it and so if he didnt play well for the first half of game 6 he played the whole playoffs well and gave his team the 2011 championship!

    DIRK FOR 2K12 COVER!!!!!

  85. Bobby says:

    nba 2k should do the player introduction then after that act like they go to a commercial and even say we will be back after these commercials or something like that and when they come back say something like welcome back and for those who have jsut joined us we are about to go under way and then show the players doing their pre game rituals like they always do then they should bring back when the player of the game used to talk at the end of the game bt make it more advanced now i think alot of ppl would love to see these things

  86. mark says:

    it should be dirk nowitski he was the finals i right??

  87. Jay Jay says:

    i think it should be dwight howard or carmelo anthony or d-rose

  88. john swetland says:

    i like the cavs but the cover of nba 2k12 should have the mavricks starting 5 since they won the championship or if anyone else it should be carmello anthony.

  89. nba2kallday says:

    it should be the big three…the miami heat…they got to the finals their first year.How come people dont realize that.If not the heat then Larry bird and Magic johnson definitely

  90. Mike says:

    It should be David Stern because of the lockout

  91. D-Rose - Beast says:

    Derrick is going to be on the cover on nba 2k12 . HE IS A BEAST .

  92. eli says:

    LeBron all day MVP 2 years in a row with a crappy ass team couldve been 3 if it wasnt for d rose made the finals in the first year wit the big 3 u gotta be kidding me if it isnt him if not him the the whole miami big 3

  93. eli says:

    #King James

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  95. Mr. Swish says:

    I’m suprised that Lebron lots of times and wasn’t on nba video game cover

  96. CJ says:

    I think it should be dwayne wade and lebron james they both deserve it maybe they lost but they still beat the other teams and even the mavericks a couple times so kiss my ass u fags who hate the heat only dwayne wade and lebron james deserve it

  97. CJ says:

    I think it should be dwayne wade and lebron james they both deserve it maybe they lost but they still beat the other teams and even the mavericks a couple times so kiss my ass u fags who hate the heat only dwayne wade and lebron James deserve it.

  98. CJ says:

    I think it should be dwayne wade and lebron james they both deserve it maybe they lost but they still beat the other teams and even the mavericks a couple times so kiss my @$$ u fags who hate the heat only dwayne wade and lebron James deserve it.

  99. CJ says:

    I think it should be dwayne wade and lebron james they both deserve it maybe they lost but they still beat the other teams and even the mavericks a couple times so kiss my @$$ u f@g$ who hate the heat only dwayne wade and lebron James deserve it.

  100. John Appleseed says:


  101. Mavs are the Champs says:

    But the M.V.P FOR 2011 ON IT…………….DIRK.

  102. D-rose says:

    D-rose !!!!!! Hands Down!

  103. Ryan says:

    it has got to be dirk nowitzki big time!!! he took dallas all the way to the ship and beat miami’s “supposed to be” chanpionship team

  104. Albert says:

    who tha fu(k is editing the NBA 2K site on wikipedia to post that lebron james will be the cover on NBA 2K12 when it isnt even confirmed yet?

  105. Nowitzness says:

    Dirk no doubt about it. Big German finally is getting respect he has deserved.

  106. Bob says:

    What is this a fake website Dirk Nowitzki cleary shoulld be on the cover! Derrick Rose? Really you are bringing his name up? There is no way he will be on the cover!

  107. Zark says:

    All of you should know Magic Johnson and Larry Bird has a 75% chance of being in ther cover of 2k12!!!!!

  108. Lilbop says:

    Dirk is going to get it because he killed da 3 ppl by his self and da mavs havent been on 2k ever so he is goin to get it

  109. Joseph says:

    Thank you, somebody doesnt want lebron, wade, or d rose! Dirk should be it fOr sure!!!

  110. tyree20 says:

    Derrick Rose because he had a great year and he backed up what he said ” why can’t I be MVP of the League” why can’t he be on the cover he deserve it

  111. D.J. says:


  112. D.J. says:


  113. Dacien says:

    Reggie Miller in a three point shoot out with Ray Allen

  114. LILEJAMIE says:


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